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Meet REPS, the sales app designed not just by IT people, but by sales people. There’s no better way to showcase your entire product line in an easy-to-use and highly intuitive app that requires no internet connection. It’s simple, fast, nimble and allows you to carry all of your inventory right on your iPad. The result of years of development and testing, REPS give you and your team the ability to travel to any market quickly and efficiently. What’s more, if you’re dealing with valuable product lines, REPS gives you the ability to travel with far less risk while cutting costs on samples and insurance. It’s a product catalog, CRM and order-processing system all in one app. Best of all, it can be customized specifically to your business. Open your mind to a new way of closing deals faster.

Your Entire Product Catalog, CRM, and Order Processing All In One

Lower Costs

Reduce Risks

No Internet Connection Required

Work Faster. Work Smarter.

REPS helps you prepare for your visit, present your product, make your visit and presentation, then close the deal. It’s your entire product line right on your device and a streamlined program designed to make life and sales easier than ever.

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REPS can help train administrators on loading or changing data and images, modifying pricing and downloading purchase orders, and tracking the sales force and sales.

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Subscription Options

In addition to the one-time start up fee of $695 per company, there is a monthly subscription fee per user detailed below.

0-10 users
11-24 users
25+ users
Licensing Fee Includes:
  • On-boarding materials that explain how to load your product images and data.
  • Three hours of phone or email communication with a REPS representative.
  • Uploading your logo.
  • Inspection of your first 20 images and the correlating image data so it will appear correctly on the iPad.
  • Data inspection of the first 20 contacts.
  • Data uploading of your first 20 products and contacts.
  • Two hour instructional training services through GoToMeeting.
  • Dashboard and Cloud Service instruction.
Monthly Fee Includes:
  • The cloud service
  • Ability to remote update your pricing.
  • Ability to add or remove product images and data.
  • Ability to review sales that have been placed through your REPS.
  • Access to all new updates to the REPS program.

For any additional information about REPS and its services, please inquire on how we can address your specific needs.

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