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Making the Administrator’s Job Easier

REPS is designed to give the administrator complete control over all activities in an easy to use format.

Product Data and Image Management

REPS makes it easy for the administrator to update and make sure the products and information shown are the most current. It’s easy to add, remove or update product data and images, and pushing the new information out to your reps is done with the push of a button.

Customer Management

Terms and conditions on any account can be changed quickly and easily. Status of the account or shipping information can be readily updated so that new Purchase Orders always reflect the most accurate account information, and your sales reps know the current status of every order and account.

Location Data and Geo Tracking

The home office can view location data of their sales force. Geo-tracking of sales reps is available through the app.

This feature allows the administrator to see where the sales force is, how they are using the REPS app and where they are using it. This aids the administrator in knowing how well each sales rep is performing.

Communication Tools

Information about individual contacts can be accessed through the app. The administrator can relay specific information to the salesperson about each customer and read what the sales rep has to say.

Manage Product Groupings

The administrator can put products into relevant groups based on key criteria deemed important by the home office.

Order Management and Processing

The administrator can modify a customer’s order status and push the modified status back out to the sales rep.

Pricing Tools

REPS makes it easy to adjust pricing individually or globally. You can even make price changes to a component of a product with a unique formula.

Buying Group Management

REPS helps you make sure all your different customers who are members of buying groups receive pricing that is specific to them.