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Teach Administrators Everything They Need To Know

Just go to the app store, download the free REPS app, put in the supplied access code and go to work. It’s that easy, and no IT department is needed. Instructions are provided, and REPS works hand-in-hand with you to help the sales force get started. Detailed instruction will be available to assist you in getting started.

Managing Product Data and Images

With REPS you can make sure the sales force has the most current product data loaded onto the iPad, along with your latest images.

Manage Contact Data

Always have the most current and accurate customer data for your sales team. Modify customer information, change a customer’s buying status, add new customers and send the new and updated information to only the selected salesperson that handles that account.

Sales Force Tracking

Use the REPS Geo Tracking system to keep track of the sales team’s location at all times.

Revenue Monitoring

Allows the administrator to keep track of the exact revenue being generated into the sales pipeline.

Product Merchandising

You can add new product images and data at anytime and push the information out through the cloud to your sales reps. You can add and remove products at will and modify pricing whenever needed. Your sales team will always have the most up-to-date product information every time they call on a customer.

Communication and Comments

Update your sales reps regarding all of their customers. You can tell your reps about changes to a customer’s account or communications you have had with the customer, as well as read what your rep has to say. This feature ensures that all comments are communicated to the sales force regarding each of their customers.

Price Management

REPS helps make sure the administrator can revise and update pricing as needed. You can change the price of selected products or make global price changes. You can even change pricing based on an individual component of a product, such as an increase in labor or the price of component used in fabricating the product.

A Well-Trained Sales Force

The sales force will be offered extensive training on the utilization of REPS, free with the purchase of the app.