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Confirming the Sale

When using Review Products Set Aside, selected products are presented in a sales order form format. Each item can be selected and reviewed, allowing the customer to review their selections in detail. They can remove an item from their selection or go back to the product presentation and continue the buying process.

Pre-Order Summary

REPS Also Makes It Easy to Review Your Order.

You can edit any item added to the sales order. You also have the ability to change quantities or pricing, creating an easy way to help finalize the order. You can edit what goes into the purchase order using “Review of the Set Aside Items” in the pre-order Summary, which allows the customer to make changes before a final commitment.

  1. Ability to change quantities and pricing
  2. Presented in a sales order format
  3. Decrease buyer’s remorse, because it takes your customer through the entire purchase order to see exactly what they have ordered, prior to finalizing their purchase.