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Customer Relationship Management Tools

REPS makes CRM easier than ever with a self-contained solution. With all of your customer-related information right at your fingertips, there’s no better way to prep for each visit.

Contact Information; Never Be Out of Touch

It’s all your contact information in one place. Plan meetings, follow-up on orders and make calls; every customer and potential customer located on your iPad, always just a swipe away.

Ability to Add New Contacts/Customers

With REPS you can add new contacts or customers anytime from wherever you are. Just open the app on your iPad, then fill in the fields for your new customer.

You Take Notes. So Does REPS.

With the REPS notes feature, no one will ever be out of the loop when it comes to the details. It’s the area where you keep all of the personal data related to your customer. The office can send messages to you about your customer, and they will be amazed at your memory about their details.

Planning Your Customer Visits Has Never Been Easier

With the REPS Geo Mapping features, you can plan your customer visits more efficiently than ever. Simply open the app, identify your customer locations and plan the most logical route for your meetings and travels.


Billing and Shipping Info

All of a customer’s billing and shipping addresses are available to you with REPS. Just open the app and search for your customer’s address with the touch of a finger. REPS assists you in planning your itinerary for the day.



With REPS you’ll never lose track of all of your customers’ current sales orders, because you’ll have them with you at all times, right on your iPad. You can view the buying habits of your customer, their order history and the status of their open orders.

Today’s Events

Never lose track of important events in your customer’s work or social lives. REPS helps you keep track of the things that are important to them. Work anniversaries, industry accolades, birthdays and more are readily accessible. It’s a great way to remind you to reach out to your customers on their special occasions.

Keep Track of Your Visits

With the REPS calendar feature, you can stay on top of your visit schedule at all times. View your upcoming appointments for every month of the year, right on your iPad.