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Customization of Visit for Each Customer

There is nothing cookie-cutter about a presentation with REPS. Customize every presentation to maximize each visit, and present your products in the order you feel will best resonate with each particular customer. There’s no better way to individualize each presentation than creating it using REPS.

Customize Per Customer

Everyone is unique, and that holds true for your customers. You don’t present your products the same way and order to everyone, you present them in the order that will best resonate with your customer, leading them to buy.  REPS does too. REPS allows you to organize your presentation anyway you like, so you have the best chance to close the deal.

Group Product Presentation Anyway You Like

What’s important to one customer might not be important to another. REPS lets you tailor each presentation and group products specifically to each customer.

Default Presentations Practice Makes Perfect

REPS allows you to rehearse your presentation right through setting product aside. When you finish, just touch the “End Visit” button, and your practice session is removed from the program. You can practice until your sales demonstration is perfect.