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New and Existing Customers

If you did not select a customer when you started the sales call, you have the option to select an existing customer or enter a new customer and fill in their data, where you can automatically clone data from an existing customer profile. This allows you to complete a sale without starting over with your presentation.


Order Notes

With this feature, you can make notes for each sale to help with orders and fulfillment, making the visit a better experience for the customer and generating fewer order errors. Every item on the order is automatically numbered – this makes it easy for each salesperson to make notes and communicate specific instructions on any item or order.

Terms and Conditions

You can have many variations of your terms and apply the ones that best fit any given customer or order. Multiple terms can be embedded in the customer’s profile and can be changed during the final order stage of the sales process.

Buying Group Discounts

REPS makes applying group discounts fast, easy and accurate. Deductions are taken based on pre-entered buying groups. Group discounts are tied to the CRM portion for that customer and automatically applied to the purchase orders. The deductions are given based on the identified buying groups that are associated with the individual customer, so your salesperson can’t make a mistake when generating an order – the app does the math for them.

Secret Discount Button

After the customer has viewed the purchase order, close the deal with REPS’ Secret Discount Button. Simply tap the upper right corner of the tablet to drop down a discount box, and from there apply any quarter percent discount from one to one hundred. The subtotal field will reflect the change immediately, and you can finalize the sale.

Documents: Format, Print and Email

All documents are sized and emailed to fit 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper and are printable in full color. This includes Product Sheets, Sales Orders, and Sales Orders that are re-sent.

Capture Signature Of Buyer – Make A Visual

Once you’re ready to wrap-up the order, REPS lets your customer sign on the dotted line with just the swish of a finger. This signature stays with the document and can be printed or reprinted in the Purchase Order section of the app.

Shipping Options

You can select exact ship dates with the ability to ship to multiple delivery addresses. REPS makes it simple, fast and easy.