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Reps Makes CRM Easier Than Ever
With A Self-Contained Solution

There’s no better way to prep for each visit, because you’ve got all of your customer-related information right at your fingertips. Search by company, contact, city or state. You can even organize your appointments by geographic location, taking you right to their doorstep through GEO mapping. Route planning has never been easier. See more customers in a single day, check your customer’s purchase status, read your notes and contact the home office. Every customer is different, this is the beauty of the REPS visit feature.

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Make Sales Calls More Impactful

REPS gives you the ability to display multiple images, show a PDF presentation and feature cutaways of the product with exact pricing. Pricing errors are eliminated, giving your sales force the ability to always look and work smart. In addition, REPS gives you the ability to search for products with up to 12 searchable fields. Whatever the case, REPS helps you plan your visit perfectly. Just tap “Start Visit,” and let your presentation begin. Build rapport, enhance customer experience, reduce cost of sales and increase productivity. There’s simply no better way to get to the finish line and increase your bottom line faster.

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Closing Thoughts On Closing More Deals


Once you have finished your presentation, take the customer back through their order so that they can be confident they have selected the right products at the right price and eliminate surprises. It’s a great way to reduce buyer’s remorse and cancelled orders.

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Finalizing the Order ―
It’s Not Just the Cool Factor.
It’s the Close Factor.

At the end of your presentation, REPS will place all of the selected items in a purchase order format. You can also apply buying groups or discretionary discounts, enter their terms and place your customer’s purchase order number on your finalized PO. Then have your customer sign on the dotted line to generate an electronic version to be sent to your home office.

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Post Sale and Fulfillment

Once the sale is complete, REPS is still there to help you keep track of key transaction history.

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The Rest of the REPS Story

REPS also includes additional features designed to make the entire process more productive, efficient and profitable no matter where you are.

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REPS Makes Administration Easy

With REPS the administrator can be anywhere, and there’s no need for special software to be installed on your device. They don’t even need the app. Administrators also have the ability to modify or change product orders.

The administrator’s dashboard is browser based, so there’s no need for special software — access it from anywhere using your secure password.

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