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Product Presentation Overview

REPS gives you the ability to present multiple images, show a PDF presentation, and view product cutaways with exact pricing. Mistakes are minimized, granting your sales force the ability to always look and work smart with the most up-to-date information. In addition, REPS allows you to search for products using up to 12 searchable fields, which makes finding the right product for your customer both fast and easy.

Product Image: Full Screen Enlargement

REPS lets you show each of your products with a full-screen enlargement. You can zoom in, show cutaways and show your product from different angles.

Multiple Images

REPS gives you the ability to present multiple product images of the same product. You can feature cutaways of a product, alternate angles, additional features, or any image that will help you illustrate the unique features of your product.


Sometimes the only way to truly showcase your products is through a demonstration. REPS also allows you to use video to stage your product and enhance each presentation.

360° Photography

With REPS you can also show your product using 360 degree photography. Present your product in full-detail with multiple, rotating views of the product to help make the sale.

Color Change Manipulations

The ability to change colors of your product is available with just the touch of a finger, customizing your products on the spot.

Product Descriptors

When you select a product, up to 12 descriptor fields are available in either fixed or scrollable text fields. Product information is pertinent, because you’ll always have the latest, most up-to-date information on your products right in front of you and your customer.